22 February 2018

Gay Male Escorting

Before joining the escort industry, I spoke to a number of guys in the industry that told me that gay male escorting was a dead end. One of them went as far as telling me how they miss out on the entire Valentine's Day fun. Well, I decided not to listen to all that advice. This is my first Valentine, and I think gay male escorting is so cool.

There is this popular notion that Valentine is a female celebration. I think that is not true. Valentine is for everyone, and I think it is myopic to think that showing love should be restricted to only those that are dating.

Through the short time, I have been in this industry, I have been able to make a few friends. Some are gay while others are not. On February 14, 2018, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day in a special way by taking gay male escorting to the homeless on the street. It was the first time in my life I really felt special. It was also the first time I did something that I was proud of.

It started as a regular day for me – and I believe it was the same for most of us. Around noon, the idea came to me, and I called up two of my friends to know what they thought about the idea. They thought it was cool and decided that they were in.

I went to the mall and got a couple of gifts. The intention was just to take gay male escorting to those we thought would need it but may never be able to afford the service. I was also aware that many of them just need companionship but were not aware of companionship services.

I didn't tell my friends that I was going to get gifts and they were disappointed when they saw me with my nylon full of gifts. "Mehn, you want to steal the shine? That's not fair!" one of the guys said.

"Come one, that is not my intention," I told them. I mentioned that asking them to come out from their homes on such a day was already enough sacrifice and I didn't want to burden them more by asking them to get gifts.

One of my friends was still grumbling. I didn't feel happy about it, so I opened my nylon and shared out the gifts among them. That solved the problem, and everybody was happy. We went down to some refugee camps and met a number of people.

Before we split up, I gave them a mandate, "Ask anyone you spent time with how much they know about gay male escorting". We agreed where we would meet at the end of the day and wished each other good luck.

I met a lady that migrated from one of the African countries. She was so only and discriminated upon. I didn't bother to ask her what form of discrimination she experienced; I just wanted to make her happy. She took me to her tent, and we sat and chatted, and the joy on her face said it all. She mentioned that she arrived in the country she had never had such an extensive and quality company.

I felt really proud of myself. She offered me some snacks, and I fed her some of it. It was the first time I encountered a lady that was shy. She blushed a lot and was behaving like a love-struck teenager.  Before I left her, I gave her one of the pink blankets in my bag. She screamed, and for a moment I was scared I might be accused of attempting a heinous crime.

She almost didn't want to let me go, but as the time approached when my friends and I agreed to meet, I had to peel away from her and head to our rendezvous point. I know I have not been in this gay male escorting business for long, but I will not forget this Valentine in a hurry. My friends also had their different exciting stories to share. We took turns to share our experiences as we went home and I can't wait to do that again.