18 July 2018

Sex Industry Tactics

Before I came into the sex industry (yes, pun intended) I spend a long time doing lots of other stuff. So I know about things other than this industry, which has actually been really useful. My first career – pretty much – was working for the British Army. The nice thing about being in the British Army – and the Royal Marines Commando – is that if you have the term “special” in your title or that of your regiment it actually means something. Not like SEALS who are basically just door kickers. There are ten thousand of them for goodness sake, just how special can they be?

Anyway, when I moved into the sex business running escort agency and the like, I quickly realised that many of the things I learned in the military transfer right over. Not boot cleaning, although it is about the one thing that I have not had a Geneva escort ask me to do for them. But straight forward strategy and tactical stuff. And even the truisms that military life takes for granted. Such as:

No combat ready unit has ever passed inspection. No inspection ready unit has ever passed combat. If your business looks perfect, the problems or potential big improvements are hiding. When you find them and are improving things your business will look messy, but that is a good thing. 

If the enemy is within range, so are you. If you can see you are out performing one of your rivals, they can see exactly how far they have to come to beat you. And they can copy what you have done to do so.

The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly fire. Or to put it another way, only your friends can betray you. And they will. Out of malice, stupidity, thoughtlessness of for money, ego or love.

Radios will fail as soon as you need fire support. Translate that to mobile phones, WhatsApp, Signal, email. You can be sure that they will fail when you have a group of escort girls going to entertain a party of thirty men. On a yacht. In a storm. When you know there are narcotics on board. I guarantee the phones wont work. I used to wonder if some escort girls carried signal jammers, they were that unlucky.